Enter the Newton

Hooah! – looks like I’ve got meself a Newton MessagePad 2000 by way of eBay:

Newton @ eBay

Looks to be a pretty fine deal, at $110, I’ll be getting the Newton itself, the accompanying keyboard, 2 carring cases (doubt I’ll use those), 3 different power adapters (don’t know how that happened) as well as an extra battery and stylus (both new in box).

It’s from eBay, so as usual it’s a gamble, but today I’m feeling lucky.

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  1. sstrungis says:

    Congrats to you…I’ve been a Newt user for about 4 years now. I love it to pieces and am on my second 2k based Newt as my old one was falling apart at the seams. My new one is in considerably better shape.


  2. I don’t know anyone personally that uses a newton as a primary pda device. I kind of like the name newton though, since it’s so closely related to my screenname -> newtonick.

    The newton is a pretty geeky thing to buy from ebay, but that is what makes it so coool.


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