Copyright symbol

So recently I’ve had a few questions coming in about the whole licensing/code usage thing… And so I figure probably *is* about time that I make some sorta post clarifying that stuff.

Anyway, getting straight to the point, all the content here (unless otherwise noted) is open, and under the [Creative Commons]( [Attribution License]( That is to say, anybody can use my work for any reason – I only ask that they give credit where credit is due.

However, I am more than sympathetic with developers who are not too keen on marring that nice, simple, straightforward about box with attributions and the like (I am one of them). So I am more than willing to waive that whole attribution thing (No, that doesn’t mean money – just asking nicely is good enough for me).

The big thing is that I want developers to be able to focus their efforts on what makes their app unique – not expending all their time making it conform. To the extent I can make that possible, I feel that I’ve helped.