This is Chad Weider, a young urban professional living comfortably and contentedly in beautiful San Francisco, California, USA.

Where From?

I am a midwesterner from the northwest suburbs of the greater-Chicagoland Area. I attended the [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign](http://www.uiuc.edu) and with that done, quickly left for California.

Did What?

While at University, I studied the not-so-terribly related fields of computer science (major), business (minor), math (minor), and design. But you from the internet may know me better for some of the work I’ve on on the Mac as author of the (now deprecated – though still used) CTGradient code for Cocoa.

Do What?

I spend my days working at a company you’ve probably heard of on software you may even use. After hours I am an amateur cook, crafter, tinkerer, reader, runner, and aspiring polymath.

Like What?

I like pretty things, interesting problems, and useless facts. You’ll often see me passing my idle time wandering through the [Wikipedia](http://wikipedia.org), watching [C-SPAN](http://www.cspan.org/), or indulging in trivia that makes this world so interesting.