Fun with Dust-Off…

Dust-off canister

No, not that kind of [fun]( – I’m talking about fun with endothermic reactions!

You see – Dust-Off isn’t really compressed air (pressurized Nitrogen is pretty boring) but is in fact liquid [difluoroethane]( So what happens when you release a liquid with a boiling point well below that of room temperature (-24.9 °C)?

Lets find out:

You get a reaction that will absorb an awful lot of energy from it’s surroundings (you can freeze stuff).

Getting more to the point- around here, in the summer, I come across a fair bunch of house spiders and, while I don’t mind them outdoors, can’t have them wandering around indoors. The problem is that they can be pretty tough to catch (especially the small ones) and mashing them makes a mess (especially the big ones). However, with the help of the aforementioned fluorocarbon, dealing with insects is a breeze.

All you need to do is give the can a good shake, tilt sideways and aim and fire. If you do things correctly the nozzle (moistened by shaking) will produce a directed spray of very fine difluoroethane droplets that, due to the their large surface area, vaporize rapidly – making the immediate surroundings very cool.

Bonus: on a humid day, your very likely to see frost form from the spray!

It’s all about the Brackets, Baby!

Obj-C hands picture

With [C4\[1\]]( starting tomorrow (which I, sadly, won’t be at). It seems apropos that I put out my graphical rendering of Rentzsch’s Obj-C sign from C4[0]. There you are!


The Crankflip Tee

As I mentioned [before](/2007/06/13/unicycle-madness/) I’m now a unicyclist of sorts and, as I should post about soon, I also have a fetish for unique, swanky tshirts- the combination of which brought me to, over the past month or so, immerse myself in the world of professional printing. The result of which I present to you now:

Unicycle Tshirt Picture

I’m calling it my Crankflip Tee, and it’s been my first hands-on experience with custom tees – how exciting!

Getting more to the point, now that I’ve completed the design I’m getting ready to get it professionally screen printed in a week or two. Since I’ve already had a few inquiries on the shirts from inside and outside the [unicyclist community]( I’ve set up a page for ordering them [here](

Over the next few weeks I hope to get much wiser to the ways of low-volume, custom printing. If the experience proves itself to be worthwhile you can expect to see a few more designs to make their way onto quality, sweatshop-free cotton in the not too distant future.

» Continue on to [](

A la Bart

By way of [Laughing Squid]( I found a groovy Simpson’s avator [creator]( (part of the Simpson’s movie promo site). Who knew that an appropriately themed [paper doll]( could be so fun!

Avatar Picture

Looks like I’m all ready for my [guest appearance]( Now to work on that getting famous part…

Brisk Green Ice Tea

Lipton Green Ice Tea can
This is a posting about me and my taste for “interesting” soft drinks. In addition to the usual suspects (like [Jones sodas]( and [Bawls]( I also have a fondness for the fly-by-night varieties from major producers as well.

In the past I’ve hoarded [dnL]( and on the off-occasion I eat at a Taco Bell I’m sure to get [Baja-Blast]( from the fountain. Most recently I stumbled on Lipton’s [Apple Flavored Green Tea]( at [WWDC]( last month.

It tastes a lot like I would guess sour apple Jolly Ranchers in liquid form would taste like (and fructose levels commensurate with that). MMmm, give it a try – it’s some good stuff.

Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld album art
Yesterday while I was in Berkeley (headed to unicycle basketball, natch) I stopped by [Rasputin Music](

Rasputin music is an awesome chain of music stores in the Bay Area. They’re a little freaky (named after the dead siberian witch doctor…) but they carry a bunch of my music which, in the US, is pretty impressive. They have a great selection of Dance/Trance/Electronica – which in my book gets them mad props.

Anyways, out there in downtown Berkeley I was able to get a hold of [the Orb’s]( [Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld](, one of the first and most important ambient albums from the 90’s. And it wasn’t any watered-down American version either, it was the original UK 110min two-disc release – so exciting!

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