In my spare time I like to do a bit of coding or mess dabble in a little graphic design. Here are the fruits of my labor:


GraphX Framework

This is an ongoing project to create a viable stand-in for Apple’s private GraphKit framework. As such this framework lets you produce a number of graph formats (ok, 3 – I’m working on it) with a fair degree of customizability, custom formaters, attributed text, etc…


Miscellaneous Projects

A grab bag of little random projects and whatnot that somebody, somewhere might find usefull… sometime.


OS X Icons

Things that should have icons (but don’t) just drive me crazy. Crazy enough that I’ll go ahead and screw around in photoshop or illustrator ’til I make one. They might not be anything amazing (infact they’re anything but amazing), but I like to think they’re pretty reasonable, but don’t take my word for it – go and see for yourself!


Traffic Widget

A widget that me and a few friends at the University of Illinois threw together. We all did the javascripting, I made it look pretty.

“Traffic is a simple little widget that pulls bandwith usage stats from your ISP’s ‘my-internet’ page to show how close you are to the ISP’s bandwith quota.”



Joey Hagedorn came up with an amazing idea for our mac user group to do for UIUC’s Engineering Open House in 2005.

LaserLine uses the standard audio output from your computer, along with an inexpensive (DIY) laser scanner to display simple graphics and animations with an ordinary laser pointer.



Here are some past graphics projects that I did at some point for one reason or another.

None of them are all that complex (hey, I’m not that creative), but I would suppose that most are snappy in their own sort of way.