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Here’s a collection of small little short utilities that I’ve worked on at some point. Go ahead and check them out. If they’re useful to you that’s awesome.

Also check out []( for updates and such.


CTGradient is an interface to Core Graphic’s CGShading. It takes care of all the background work that you normally have to do when using CG(anything).

In my case, CTGradient has (in all the cases I can think of) trivialized the drawing of gradients in Cocoa. And I’ll say that’s a good thing, especially when you see how well gradients spice up an interface and with the new resolution independence work going on I’ll venture to say you’ll be seeing them more often than not.

Download CTGradient
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For more info on CTGradient go [here](


Here are a few methods to take care of the manufacture of those badges that you see in Mail, iTunes, xCode, etc… There’s also a method to apply the badge to the Dock icon – fun stuff.

If you’re worried about any legal whatever with Apple’s images, the badge images that CTBadge uses are my creation (they’re even vector!), so feel free to use them with impunity.

Download CTBadge
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For more info on CTBadge go [here](


A brief bit of code that lets you add a tasteful progress indicator to your application’s dock icon.

Download CTProgressBadge
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See the blog post [here](


Coming soon, eventually…