Here are some past graphics projects that I did at some point for one reason or another. None of them are all that complex (hey, I’m not *that* creative), but I would suppose that most are snappy in their own sort of way.

A Picture

This is a logo I made for the Matrix mathclub here at the university.

I designed it to play off the LaTeX logo that all mathematicians (and most computer scientists) know and love, pretty clever, eh?

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A fun little logo that I cooked up for my roommate. I suggested he get his dad to use it for his company Salient. Check them out – they make some interesting Pen-Mice.

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Here’s a logo for WebTunes, the 2006 project MacWarriors did for Engineering Open House. I really like this one, it is HOT!

WebTunes lets you access your music library over the internet, hence the music note and ringed sphere.

I also made some groovy posters for the project as well.

A Picture

Here is a graphic for one project that we at MacWarriors contemplated.

It would have been a quality interface for those mac minis that some people were installing in their cars.

While we didn’t choose the project (it wasn’t that great an idea), I did get a nifty graphic that I really like.

A Picture

This is a logo that I made for the MAE here at the university. They had a logo design contest a while back.

Unfortunately I did not find out about it until a week after it ended – but I had the cool fault-line idea, so I made and submitted it anyways. It didn’t win, but I still like it.

Hmm, looks like they are using none of the entries…that would be a good thing given the alternative this.

…And here’s a [link](/projects/icons) to some OS X icons of mine.