Unicycle Tshirt
If you’ve seen me at University, you probably already know this, but if not, there is a post for you… It is about my recent involvement in the vast [unicycle conspiracy](http://www.derf.net/truestory/20050503_the_vast_unicycle_conspiracy/).

It all started last summer when I, once again, pondered the unsuitability of the bicycle for the campus commute. You see I’m terrible at getting to class on-time, and so am in dire need of a efficient mode of transport to and from class. And, as you could probably guess, the usual choice didn’t suit me.

On campus bikes are a pain. To use a bike on campus you need to make all sorts of accommodations for it. Bikes need storage space; you need to use bike racks at each of your destinations (any of which can be crowded, inconvenient, or both). You need to lock them up _everywhere_, they usually require municipal registration, you can only ride on bike paths, and they demand the use of a helmet.

Blech, riding a bike would mean making all sorts of inconvenient compromises – not things which I’m keen on doing…

Now back to my pondering- I had considered trying the skateboard, it’s small and quick, but also a bit dangerous to use on a crowded footway. Remembering once seeing a student ride a [giraffe](http://www.unicycling.com/garage/giraffe.htm) through our [engineering quad](http://uitours.ncsa.uiuc.edu/engineering/bardeenquad/), I had also joked to my [brother](http://thetalik.net) I should see about using the old unicycle in our garage. But for the most part I resigned myself to plodding to and from class on foot.

Long story short, when I returned home that summer from [California](/2006/07/09/california/) my brother had picked up the unicycle and was prepping to bring it along with him to school. It took me a few more months, but by November I had a new unicycle in had, a few more weeks subsequent I was pedaling about on the ultimate class commuting [machine](http://flickr.com/photos/bluebike/232214464/).

Coming soon: The internet-famous, wild parties, and traffic incidents!