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GraphX (apologies for the *X*) is a publicly available stand-in for apple’s private GraphKit framework. The project began after, despite my searching, I couldn’t find any ways to get (good looking) graphs in my app. So what’d I do? – well, naturally, I went about making my own, with the hopes of _eventually_ making it available to others.

For the past while this code has just sorta been languishing here on my computer, doing nothing, so I figure it’s about time I go and follow through with my initial plan – now’s as good a time as any to get it out for other people to use, eh?


The framework’s feature-set isn’t anything too extensive, but I like to think it does what it does well. In it’s current state, it is far from complete, but I’ve written it with extendibility in mind, and so it should be (slowly but surely) improved. Below is a current list of the important features that are already implemented as we speak, followed by things that are on the todo list for the future.

###Current Features:
+ Graph mathematical functions (handles NaN, ±∞)
+ Histograms
+ Scatter Plots (just an enumerable set of points)
+ Output as PDF
+ Attributed Text (color, font, alignment, etc…) for Labels
+ Uses Cocoa-ish DataSource interface

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###In the Pipe:
+ Direction Fields
+ Bar Graph
+ Pie Chart
+ Formatted axis units
+ Curve Fit in Curve View
+ Minor tickmarks
+ IB Palette

A Curve A Histogram A Scatterplot

Sample Graphs (Click to enlarge).