Alrighty, looks like this site is finally fit for public consumption. It’s been a while in the works, and it doesn’t help that I’m always so easily sidetracked when there’s work to be done, oh well.

These pages are getting put out by the pretty impressive [Wordpress]( blogging/pseudo-CMS engine. The current theme being used is my own customization of the Dark Maple theme by Moshu, which was, in turn, a customization of the Gemini theme by Moshu.

Pretty basic, no crazy 3D bevels going on, which is refreshing nowadays. The color scheme I cooked up is, admittedly, a little off – mustard yellow and olive green (with a pinch of maroon) don’t make for most appetizing palette, but I grew to like it. So here’s to thinking outside of the box!

I hope to be dumping some of stuff here once in a while. But this is not going to be one of those diary/journally so don’t go on getting too exited. Annnnyways there you have it.