Down the Rabbit Hole…

Well, I’ve finally found a PowerBook [sic] that can [hold me](

In ’round about 15 Days [Now]( a brand spanking new [MacBook Pro]( will be beginning it’s long journey to my doorstep. So how will the new ride compare with the old?

Tesla Cardano
450MHz G4 2.0GHz CoreDuo
100MHz Bus 667MHz Bus
Radeon 9000 Pro (64MB) Radeon X1600 (256MB)
120GB + 40GB IDE 100GB SATA

…So yea, the good ol’ [PowerMac]( (circa 2000) doesn’t hold a candle to the competition.

I must say it has served me well, very well. It is a wonder that it has been able to stand up to 10.4, for that I suppose I should be thanking Apple’s engineers.

But enough is enough, while it would still be decent for casual use – *[I](* need more, I want to be run *both* Illustrator and Photoshop, I want to watch H.264, I need to compile apps in a single sitting, and most importantly – I want a fancy widget-ripple effect.

down the rabbit hole...

That said, I have no idea what is in store for me with the new laptop. What I do know is that the 1st gen. iMac G5 was an…adventure.

So here’s to all those who took the leap and are running along the bloody edge that is the MacIntel – Groove On!

Code attack!

Over the weekend I managed to get some more coding in (though as usual, not as much as I’d have liked). So here’s a post about that:

Miscellaneous Projects: I decided I’d better make a home for all of my little projects. So now they all have a spot on my [miscellaneous projects]( page. And of course since no page would be complete with out the obligatory picture, I made a question-mark-in-a-package icon to keep them company, cool eh?

CTBadge: I knew when I started it that I’d eventually have to ditch the ripping of’s badge images for my own purposes. And after [some]( [suggestion]( I decided to make eventually *now*. It turned out making ‘counterfeits’ was actually not that bad… started up Illustrator, and a little while later (after finding the Zig-Zag Filter) I had vector (I love vector!) replicas of Mail’s raster badges.

I can't tell the difference

I can’t tell the difference

So now, thanks to the vector masks, [CTBadge]( will get you renders of badges at any size, and also allows you to set the label and badge colors to what ever you’d like (while retaining the classy shading at the lower right corner – beautiful!).

And while all that is swell (and it is) I still wonder if letting people choose any color that they’d like for their badges is a *good* thing, I’ll rue the day when I see electric purple badges on my dock… but alternatively colored badges have their place I suppose – so there you go. (Though I sure hope people have a darn good reason for not using the classic white on red when they do – and “it looks better” doesn’t quite do it, but I suppose that’s just me).

CTGradient: Now it has a method to do a radial fill. After putting off including the code for a while, I finally settled on the implementation I preferred, which was leaving axial/radial specifics in the drawing methods where they belong – and not as a part of the instance. Though a few questions still remain – as I have it now, it draws so the gradient progresses from the center to the outermost edge, would there ever be a reason to have it progress to either the nearest edge or even off to the corner? meh, it’s good enough for now.

I also finished implementing all the *boring* parts of [CTGradient](, that is, I finally implemented the NSCopying and NSCoding protocols, and also added some extra accessor methods, documentation, and #pragma’s to the source.

CTTabView: This a new project I’ve started work on, a view designed for doing more of a “Tabbed Views” sort of thing (like Safari/Adium/Firefox) than the “View with Tabs” thing that NSTabView does (and does well). Other people have made things like it… but none have really caught my fancy.

Well, that’s enough for now – I’ll save the rest for a later post.

Comic Fun!

My Comic

So a while ago I was playing around with [Comic Life]( – it’s a cool program. In the process of my experimenting with it I made this. Fun!