Snowed Out…

UIUC Quad in snow

Wow, today the midwest is getting pounded by a heck of a snow storm which, surprisingly enough, has resulted in the rare cancellation of the day’s classes here at the U of I.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited by the possibilities that a free day (and accompanying delay in coursework) offers.

By the end of this day, I hope to write my poor and neglected blog once more and am resolved to make further progress on the actively developing of LaserLine 2.0.

Update: According to the Daily Illini, this last happened in 1979. (thanks Joey)
Update: I now have wednesday off as well, this is indeed unheard of.

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  1. I went to Purdue for 5 years (graduated in May) and in that entire time they never cancelled classes. Last week they cancelled for two days. Shocking to say the least.

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