Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! logo Last Thursday my family and I went to the Chase Auditorium in Downtown Chicago. Went to see one of the weekly tapings for Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!.

Wait, Wait, “The NPR News Quiz” is one of my favorite public radio shows. It’s on my short list along with This American Life, Left, Right & Center, and A Prairie Home Companion.

The format for the taping is (roughly) audience intro, show taping, outro, and retakes (where they redo some parts of the dialog), followed by a Q&A. The taping is a while longer than what actually airs (what with station breaks, etc.). So there’s a fair bit that gets edited out for the show that goes out over the radio that weekend.

Now, while it’s true that seeing the production of the show spoiled the illusion that accompanies any good stage act, nonetheless, it was a fun experience that was well worth the while, and one that I would recommend to any NPR fan who finds themselves in the Chicagoland area on a Thursday evening with $20 to spare.

A final note – here is the show that I watched get taped last Thursday. And here is a link to the Wait, Wait… Don’t tell Me! podcast.