As I had mentioned [earlier](/2006/07/09/california/), since finishing up at school and getting settled here in California, I’ve been keeping busy with several undertakings of my own design. One such activity was getting further work done on my [miscellaneous projects](/projects/misc/). Nothing too significant, mostly just house-keeping and some polishing-up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be exciting!

CTBadge: Some minor tweaks, now the badges generated are *very* nearly identical. First change was to the character alignment, it turns out in fact that Apple aligns their text without the help of NSParagraphStyle. The second change(s) were to the badge gradient, now the colors are darker, and the gradient’s progressions and angles match their corresponding “official” badge (yes, there are different angles for different badges).

CTGradient: Knocked a few items off of my [list](/2006/01/15/gradients-in-cocoa/). The big addition is added support for beautiful chromatic blends! (I’m excited, aren’t you?). In order to celebrate I also hacked out a delightful new icon which I should be adding (sooner or later) to my icon [collection](/projects/icons/).

Aside from that I threw in some new gradient styles (Sourcelist enabled/disabled, Rainbow, and best of all, [Hydrogen]( What’s more, I added other things like a few colorstop methods (and a bug fix)… but you weren’t interested in those, now, were you?