WWDC 2005
Back in April I submitted my application for Apple’s [student scholarship](http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/students/index.html) to [WWDC](http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/). Later last month I got word that I’d been selected. Over the weekend I made [hotel](http://www.thepickwickhotel.com/) reservations for me and a [friend](http://joeyhagedorn.com/).

I remember having a smashing time at last year’s conference. There were a number of sessions which piqued my interest, a few which I had to miss (and hope to make up for this time around). Throughout the whole week there was rarely a lack of discusion, what with the whole Intel transition thing going down, but most importantly, that week at WWDC let me sit back and focus on mac development (which had been the first time in a while), it let me jumpstart the personal projects that I had left waiting in the wings, and allowed me gain the momentum I needed to continue those projects months after. My only regret is that this year I’ll be attending at the closing of the summer as opposed to the opening of the same.

…So this August expect me to be in San Francisco. If you expect to be thereabouts as well go ahead and [drop](/about) me a line.