I’ve been really happy to see my code has found its way into so [many](http://www.google.com/codesearch?q=%5CsCTGradient%5Cs*%5C*) hands. As such I see it as incumbent on me to provide a bit more infrastructure around the code than I have thus far.

And so, over the weekend I put together a [page](http://svn.oofn.net) (with all the requisite frill) for each of the projects. Now that there’s a good central location with code repositories and feeds and all, I hopeful that keeping up to date with the development will be much simplified for everybody involved.

I should also mention that I’ve committed some changes to the source as well – [CTGradient](http://blog.oofn.net/2006/01/15/gradients-in-cocoa/) will now do fills clipped to a path and will also do elliptical (instead of strictly circular) radial fills. [CTBadge](http://blog.oofn.net/2006/01/08/badging-for-everyone/) has had a few tweaks to bring it further in-line with the canonical badges from Apple.

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