Comming In From the Cold

Why, hello everybody! You may have noticed that I’ve been on an extended hiatus for the past few months.

So here’s the story – last December I went in for Jaw Surgery (which any surgeons out there might know better as Orthognathic surgery) in order correct for a problematic underbite. In short, it has been quite an adventure. But after a week of feeling silly, a time of dormancy, month of unintelligibility and several months (and counting) of an all liquid diet I am now, at last, back to my functional self.

In the intervening time I was able to attend an informative (and mildly historic) talk, read some good books and listen to really groovy music. I also got the chance to scratch out some apps amongst other things – All of which I hope to expand on at a later time.

I’ve now been back at school for a number of weeks and am getting back into the groove of things. Missing the lion’s share of winter break has unfortunatly put me back a good ways as far as my todo list is concerned, but thankfully Jack Frost has given me some much needed breathing room, of which I intend to use.

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  1. Dave Batton says:

    What fun! I had orthognathic surgery back when I was 15 to move my top jaw up and back, and my chin was moved out. It was done mostly for cosmetic reasons. I had my mouth wired shut for a month. But in the end it was well worth it.

    Eventually your mouth will feel normal again. :-)

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